The Epilogue, is a final mini-game occurring at the end of an Attrition, Hardpoint Domination, or Pilot Hunter match. The losing team has a point marked on their screen showing the Evac Point where a dropship will arrive. At the same time the winning team will have an intercept marker to stop the opposing team from escaping. During the Epilogue, each Pilot only has one life, so once they are taken out, the match is over for the player that was killed—but can spectate the remainder of the match from the perspectives of other players.

At the end of a Attrition, Hardpoint, or Pilot Hunter match, the Epilogue will start. Respawning will be disabled after the an Evacuation Zone is marked. The evacuation dropship will arrive after 40 seconds. During that time all the players need to make their way to the evac point. The winning team will need to be there to kill any evacuating Pilots and/or destroy the Evacuation Dropship, and the losing team will need to be there to board the Dropship and/or prevent its destruction. Once the Evacuation Dropship arrives, the Players on the losing team will have 12 seconds to board the dropship normally, and about 14 seconds for the enemy team to destroy the dropship. After 12 seconds the dropship will rise and then warp out of the map, players can still board and damage the dropship before it warps out. After the dropship has left or all players on the losing team have been killed, the game will end after a few seconds.

Each Pilot on the losing team gets bonus XP for making it on board the dropship. During the main match if you feel the team is about to lose and you have a Titan ready to call in, save it for the Epilogue. This may throw off the other team because they won’t expect you to call down a Titan if a loss is imminent. Get underneath or close to the dropship with your Titan and eject towards the ship—using the Cloak Tactical Ability is the best way to avoid getting picked off while flying through the air.

The winning team gains XP for killing each Pilot or stopping enemy Pilots from escaping. The best way to do this is by locking down the intercept point, surrounding it with Pilots and Titans. But be prepared for enemy Pilots hiding inside buildings near the Evac Point or wall running and jumping across the map. The best way to stop the enemy team from escaping is by destroying the dropship while it waits to pick up enemy Pilots. But it takes a team effort to bring down the dropship—three Titans concentrating fire on the ship is usually enough to bring it down before it can escape. Nuclear Ejections can also damage Evac Dropships.

If your team loses the match, don’t rush to the Evac Point when the Epilogue starts—check your minimap for threats and friendlies, and try to survey the Evac Point from afar before making your escape. Be wary of enemy forces attempting to cut you off at the Evac Point.

XP BonusesEdit

XP bonuses are experience points rewarded when the player does a certain objective or action, and grants the player with additional experience points. These XP Bonuses are specific to the Epilogue.

Team Name XP Earned Description
Losing Team Epilogue Get to chopper 200 Board the evac dropship.
Hotzone extract 200 Evacuate while the evac dropship is taking damage.
Sole survivor 100 Be the only one to be evacuated.
Team Bonus: Full Team Evac 200 Everybody on your team was evacuated.
Winning Team Epilogue Evac denied 100 Destroy the evacuation dropship.
Killed Evacuating Pilot 50 Kill a Pilot during their evacuation.
Team Bonus: Killed All Combatants 100 All enemy Pilots died during their evacuation.
Single-Handedly Killed All Combatants 200 Kill every enemy Pilot during their evacuation.
Fish in a Barrel 100 Destroy the evacuation dropship while every enemy Pilot is boarded on it.

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