The IMC Fleet Operations Base is a facility established by the Remnant Fleet in the wake of their crushing defeat at the Battle of Demeter. The base was established on an as-yet unidentified planet deep in Frontier space, already partially-claimed by a smaller terraforming company looking to secure mineral rights for the world.[1] With the arrival of Spyglass and his forces, the occupants of the planet were given no choice but to give up their claim. IMC Colonial Navy vessels can be regularly seen arriving at the base to refuel and regroup.

Due to the construction of the base, IMC forces began to drain the Swampland around the area, eventually uncovering several alien ruins hidden in the swamps. In response, an archaeological research team was dispatched to the area.[2] Numerous artifacts were recovered from these ruins, with several causing mass interference with the base's electronics and power systems - even going so far as to affect the War Games simulations being conducted on-site.[3]

Eventually, SOS signals sent by the original colonists were able to reach the Frontier Militia, who in turn sent a strike force to neutralise the base and its water collection facilities.[1] A small force was sent into the swamps to investigate the ruins,[4] but the outcome of these battles and status of the base are unknown.

Trivia Edit

  • It is possible this base is in fact on Typhon, before the discovery of the Fold Weapon and establishment of General Marder's research Complex. The interference from the alien ruins causing electronic disruption is very similar to the visual effects given by the Ark, both planets have Flyers and both planets have alien ruins of some variety. However, none of this is confirmed.

References Edit

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