Flight Core is the core ability utilised by the Northstar, alongside its variants Northstar Prime and the Brute loadout.

When activated, the Northstar activates its hover jets, similar to its utility ability VTOL Hover. Unlike the standard hover, the Northstar's missile pods open and fire a barrage of moderately fast missile towards the crosshair. The Northstar can sustain damage while her core ability is active.

Flight Core's maneuverability can be enhanced by the Viper Thrusters Titan kit.

Strategy Edit

  • Using Flight Core makes your Northstar incredibly vulnerable: A flying titan raining missiles is a tempting target. As such, the player should be cautious in deciding when to activate it.
  • Flight Core is best used when flanking an unsuspecting enemy, catching them unaware. This will give you time to deal some damage while minimizing the amount you receive. If you reach maximum height while hovering, you can fly right over enemy titans, possibly disorienting them further.
  • Flight Core can also be effective as an escape tactic, using it to discourage an enemy getting dangerously close while you hover away.

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