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Flyers as seen in the multiplayer map Boneyard

Flyers are large, reptilian creatures that inhabit the planet of Leviathan within the universe of Titanfall.


Flyers are large creatures (relatively the same size as a Titan) that possess six limbs. Four of these limbs are wings that allow the creature to fly through the air at great heights and speeds. The creatures also possess large tusks on their head just below the mouth. They can be often seen trailing and soaring around the creatures known as LeviathansNot much else is known about these creatures.

The creatures are considered so dangerous and deadly that the IMC has constructed large towers known as Dog Whistle Towers that are used to keep the Flyers away from inhabited areas. The tower on Boneyard is abandoned and non-functional and is the reason for the abundance of Flyers on the map. The towers on Airbase are fully functional and are the reason for the absence of Flyers on the map (except in the background). 

Flyers can be seen on the maps Boneyard, Airbase, and the DLC map Swampland. On Boneyard they can be seen being perched at various locations and will sometimes plunge to the ground and consume Grunts and Spectres, and 3 may grab a dropship and tear it apart. Dead Flyers can also be found on Boneyard. On Airbase, they appear in the background, however they come into the map during the epilogue if the Militia wins. On Swampland they can be seen in the open part of the map, but they are often scared away by the Tower nearby.

They are able to be killed (Preferably with a Titan) and rewards the player with 100 XP.  It is much easier to earn XP by killing Fliers with a Charge Rifle, as they yield as much XP as killing a Pilot does and they're much easier to kill.

Flyers have 1500 health.


  • Sometimes, when killed with a Charge Rifle, a glitch occurs where the Flyer will freeze halfway through it's death animation and will remain that way for the rest of the match. The player that killed it will still receive credit for the kill.
  • Several dead Flyers can be found scattered around the map on Boneyard.



A Flyer carries off an unfortunate Grunt

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