The Fold Weapon is an ancient superweapon of mass destruction of purportedly alien origin, capable of destroying entire planets.

The only known indigenous example was discovered by the IMC on the planet Typhon, along with its alien power source, the Ark. General Marder and his ARES Division designed a second, smaller version built for testing purposes at a secret research complex on the same planet. This manmade replica successfully fired, resulting in the destruction of Typhon's moon Orthros and causing time distortions in the area surrounding the complex.

The Fold Weapon on Typhon was the central objective of the Battle of Typhon. General Marder intended to wield the original, larger-scale version of the weapon to destroy the Militia home planet of Harmony and any others until the Militia surrendered; the Militia, upon learning of its existence, sought to stop the weapon's use at all costs. Both weapons were rendered inactive by Militia Pilot Jack Cooper and his Vanguard Titan BT-7274.

Operation Edit

The physics-defying properties of the Fold Weapon remain largely a mystery, though the IMC's ARES Division were able to learn enough to create a small-scale replica of the weapon, and repair the original model to working order.

When prepared to fire, the Fold Weapon appears to 'spin up' its three concentric rings, before a power source - a piece of technology nicknamed the Ark by researchers - is injected into the centre of the sphere.

Holograms within Titanfall 2's campaign suggest that the weapon generates a field of hyper gravity around its target. This does explain how the surface of Typhon shattered upon the weapon's destruction.

History Edit

The original Fold Weapon was discovered on Typhon in a state of disrepair, by ARES Division. Well above the limits of known human technology, ARES began examining the structure in an attempt to glean information about its operation and creators. Eventually, they were able to extract enough information to confirm knowledge of how the weapon worked and how to repair it. Because of the IMC's back-foot position after the Battle of Demeter, General Marder began preparations to use the weapon as an ultimatum against the Militia.

Before the weapon could be fired, it needed to be tested. To do this, ARES Division built a small-scale version of the weapon at their Complex on Typhon. The rings on this version were 184 metres in diameter. The test was brought forward after a Militia Pilot was reported to have infiltrated the base. This test would result in the destruction of Orthros alongside the destruction of the rings due to instabilities caused by Jack Cooper removing the Ark from the Weapon.

However, the final weapon remained. The IMC would be succesful in transporting the Ark to the full-scale weapon, with preparations to fire on Harmony. With only moments to spare, Jack Cooper and BT-7274 were able to destroy the Ark at the centre of the weapon, turning the weapon's energy back on Typhon itself. The resulting explosion would reduce the planet - and the weapon - to rubble.

Capabilities Edit

Along with their immense destructive power, these weapons are capable of disturbing time and space. They use this to "fold" spacetime, resulting in the destruction of large masses, such as planets.

Trivia Edit

  • Fold Weapons are effectively impervious to conventional weapons.
  • The Fold Weapon was originally concepted as a gateway built by the IMC to allow fast transportation of reinforcements stranded in the Core Systems. For reasons unknown, this was later changed to a planet-destroying superweapon.

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