The Fracture Operation, also known as The Refueling Raid, was an operation conducted by the Marauder Corps (M-COR) of the 1st Militia Fleet. It involved heavy casualties on the Frontier Militia side, but ultimately ended with their (technical) victory.

Prelude Edit

The raid was conducted at the apex of the months of pursuit conducted by Marcus Graves. Low on fuel and supplies, the Militia First Fleet was forced into a confrontation at Site M41 on the Planet Victor, the only viable refuelling facility within three jumps of the Militia's current location.

General Anderson was killed in action shortly before the battle, leading to the promotion of Sarah Briggs and Cheng "Bish" Lorck to field commanders of the M-COR.

The Battle Edit

The battle involved both naval and ground warfare, with Militia civilian vessels being targeted by the IMC Colonial Navy. Due to Site M41's strategic significance as a refuelling station, the Militia Fleet's main goals were to use the site's fuel pumps to refuel their vessels.

However, IMC forces would mount a heavy defence at three rally points; Alpha, Bravo and Charlie. Utilising Mobile Hardpoints to control of both Heavy Turrets and Fuel Pumps, ground troops would fight for control of the three main buildings, with the Militia fighting to keep air defences offline and the IMC fighting to shoot down as many Militia ships as possible.

Depending on outcome, it is possible that the Militia vessel Redeye was shot down.

Aftermath Edit

Regardless of outcome, the Militia would sustain heavy casualties, owing to the inexperience of Sarah and Bish in leading a large force. Many vessels would escape to fight another day, but many more would also be shot down.

The Militia's retreat into Sector Bravo-217 would end up leading the IMC to the uncharted planet Troy, and the massacre of Colony G21.

Trivia Edit


The corpse of the possible aformentioned Pilot, located on The Beacon mission.

  • At least one veteran of this battle would later serve in the Battle of Typhon, giving his life to assault an Interstellar Beacon.
  • Jack Cooper would also be deployed on Fracture in his first combat assignment. He would sustain a concussion during the battle, leading to partial memory loss of the event.