Frontier Defense is a wave-based, co-operative game mode that was added to Titanfall in Game Update 8. This game mode is compatible with all Titanfall maps including their DLC counterparts. It will be returning to Titanfall 2 in July 2017.

Overview Edit


A Harvester in Angel City.

Frontier Defense is a wave based, cooperative game mode where four Militia Pilots must work together to defend an objective known as a "Harvester" from numerous, increasingly difficult waves of IMC forces. Each map has a customised series of waves that will always spawn, allowing for payer strategies for specific rounds to be developed. Upon completion of a match, players will be assigned a star rating based on how many Minions they have killed, alongside other factors such as total deaths and how much health the Harvester has left.

During each wave, players will have to repel significant numbers of IMC forces and keep the Harvester from being destroyed. Each wave is considered clean once every IMC unit has been destroyed, and players will have to overcome between four and six waves in a typical match (depending on the specific map; some have as few as two or three). Should the Harvester be destroyed over the course of a wave, the wave will be reset and the Pilots given another chance, though there are only two re-tries per match. Between each wave, players will be given a Light Turret they can position at their discretion, though each player may only have three Light Turrets active at any given time. Should a player die over the course of a wave, they'll respawn in a Crow dropship that will circle over the battlefield and drop them off near the Harvester - or they can spawn in via Titanfall if their Titan is ready. Points in this mode are scored through killing enemy units, and can also be gained through bonuses, like keeping the Harvester undamaged over the course of a wave and not using any retries.

Any Heavy Turrets on the map (bar those seen on Fracture) can also be hacked and enabled to provide the defending Militia with additional firepower. Whilst not absolutely vital to success, any additional firepower is welcome under such pitched combat conditions - and the turrets are attractive targets to the IMC's Titans. If disabled, the turrets can simply be re-enabled via hacking them with the Data Knife.

Unit VarietyEdit

Both Grunts and Spectres have been equipped with various weapons not found in their typical loadouts, such as the Spitfire Light Machine Gun, Sidewinder even a Hemlok BF-R in rare circumstances. Spectres have their R97 Compact SMGs replaced with the more deadlier Combat Advanced Round Submachine Gun as well as having the ability to Rodeo Titans. Grunts and Spectres may also use the Sidewinder or Mag Launcher as their anti-Titan weapons, though the Charge Rifle is limited to Sniper Spectres.

  • Sniper Spectre: Sniper Spectres behave similar to a normal Spectre, except upon deployment they will cloak to avoid detection. They're equipped with a Longbow-DMR Sniper and a Charge Rifle to attack Titans (and the Harvester) from a great distance. Sniper Spectres prefer to stay at extremely long range, much like Mortar Titans, especially if the map offers long sight lines to the Harvester (e.g. Lagoon). Sniper Spectres can be hacked, even when cloaked, though care should be taken when disabling them as they tend to travel in pairs.
  • Suicide Spectre: As the name implies these Spectres are programmed to rush towards the Harvester and explode upon reaching their objective or their enemy. A single Suicide Spectre has enough explosives to kill even the most skilled Pilot, and a group of them are capable of killing Titans. That said, Suicide Spectres are very fragile, and their explosions will harm allied IMC units as well. A skilled player can exploit this, causing chain reactions amongst groups of Suicide Spectres to quickly clear them out or tear through high-priority targets. Suicide Spectres become armed either by taking damage or coming into proximity with a valid target (e.g. a Titan or Pilot). As a result, they cannot be hacked like regular Spectres. Suicide Spectres can even detect pilots through walls.
  • Cloak Drone: A IMC drone that projects a cloaking field that conceals all units beneath it, including Titans. While it does not possess any offensive capabilities, it can help the attacking troops to get within striking distance of the Harvester, and should be taken out quickly. Cloaked units do not appear on the minimap, which can also allow lone Mortar Titans to evade detection for a short time - or even allow Nuke Titans to get dangerously close.
  • Titans: IMC Titans in this mode, if they are not one of the three other variants, can use a variety of different preset loadouts. Individually they pose little threat (and can be easily dispatched by the average Pilot), but in later waves they are frequently deployed alongside Arc and Mortar Titans. They can use most weapons, but typically prefer the Quad Rocket as their primary weapon, and use the Vortex Shield or Electric Smoke as their Tactical. They rarely seem to use any kind of Ordnance.
  • Nuke Titan: An Ogre variant equipped with a massive Nuclear Ejection payload that will rush towards the Harvester while trying to avoid Titan engagements. Upon reaching the Harvester (or alternatively upon reaching a doomed state), it will detonate, inflicting severe damage to all nearby units, including the Harvester. Unlike most other Titans, Nuke Titans will stop moving when entering their doomed state. Nuke Titans cannot damage other Nuke Titans, so care should be taken to prevent them from getting close to the Harvester. Nuke Titans use the Vortex Shield.
  • Arc Titan: A specialized Stryder variant armed with an Arc Cannon, Arc Titans also generate a powerful electric field around them that will rapidly drain the shields of Militia Titans and the Harvester, as well as make them impossible to Rodeo. They are often deployed alongside Nuke and Mortar Titans in later waves. Their Arc Cannon is highly effective and accurate; combined with their Arc Field, they are extremely dangerous to engage on foot.
  • Mortar Titan: A very dangerous Atlas variant wielding a specialized version of the Quad Rocket, Mortar Titans typically set up on the edges of the map and shell the Harvester from a vast distance, requiring players to go on the offensive to deal with them. A group of Mortar Titans left unhindered will quickly reduce the Harvester to scrap, and should be considered a priority target. Mortar Titans will cease their bombardment if they take enough damage or if a pilot begins to Rodeo them. When attacked, Mortar Titans will deploy a Particle Wall to defend themselves.
  • Goblin: The IMC regularly deploys Grunts and all Spectre variants to the battlefield via four-man drop pods and the Goblin Dropship. Whilst the drop pods cannot be intercepted, Goblin Dropships can be shot down during their (short) deployment window. This requires a considerable amount of damage; weaker weapons such as the XO-16 Chaingun are insufficient, but the 40mm Cannon can make particularly short work of the Goblin (especially with the Burst Fire upgrade). Goblins are worth 100 points when destroyed.

Trivia Edit

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