"Get Barker" is the fourth campaign mission of Titanfall. It takes place on Attrition on Angel City.


Frontier MilitiaEdit

Interstellar Manufacturing CorporationEdit

Pre-Mission Briefing Edit

IMC Edit

Graves: Attention all Pilots, this is Vice Admiral Graves. We have confirmed that the traitor MacAllan has joined forces with the Militia's First Fleet. I know this man, and I know how his mind works. He will attempt to make contact with a retired IMC officer named Barker, last seen in Angel City. Our operatives are tracking Barker within the city as we speak. If MacAllan does make contact, we can expect heavy firepower to support him. Your assignment is to eliminate all Militia forces who stand with him - prepare for combat.

Militia Edit

MacAllan: Attention all personnel. My name is James MacAllan. You have saved lives this day, and we are all in your debt. Now, I'm gonna' return the favour - I'm gonna' help you beat the IMC. Any small victory has been offset by the IMC's superior numbers, with reinforcements arriving daily from Demeter. I believe we can bring the fight to them. I believe we can change the balance of power on the Frontier. We're heading to Angel City to acquire Barker, an old compatriot of mine who believes as I do that the IMC's reign cannot last forever. Pilots, prepare to deploy, let's get it done. MacAllan out.


Full article: Battle of Angel City
The MCOR arrives in Angel City to extract Robert "Barker" Taube. A diversion team is sent to keep the IMC from discovering that MacAllan is escorting Barker out though the city sewers. Having anticipated this move, Graves sends in his forces to conduct a search for Barker. Halfway through the battle an IMC carrier, The IMS Sentinel, warps in to prevent Barker and MacAllan's escape. MacAllan orders the Militia fighters to attack the Sentinel in order to damage it and keep the carrier out of the main battle. The Militia escape with the rather drunk Barker.