This article is about Challenge, and may redirect here. For the unlockable Insignia, see Gooser (Insignia).
This article is about Challenge, and may redirect here. For the reward for getting 50 goosers before the Patch, see Gooser Elite.

Gooser is a Mobility Kills Challenge in Titanfall. It is completed by getting Airborne Kills (50XP), killing an ejected Pilot before they touch the ground.

  • XO-16 Chaingun is best titan weapon for this challenge, Arc Cannon being second. It is next to impossible to do that with other titan weapons. Challenge may be scored with pilot weapons. even timed grenade explosion or Charge Rifle.
  • In certain maps, sky texture may allow to see ejected cloaked pilots, for example Colony.
  • Originally, this challenge required 50 kills for full completion. It caused a lot of negative feedback from players struggling to get Generation 6 and it was brought down to 5 kills in the first patch at 4/10/2014. However, anyone who did complete it before the patch got the Gooser Elite Titan Insignia on 6/26/2014.
  • Goosing a Player counts as an Airborne Kill, rewarding 50XP.
Name Requirement Reward
Gooser [I] Get 1 Airborne Kill. 500XP
Gooser [II] Get 2 Airborne Kills. 1,000XP
Gooser [III] Get 3 Airborne Kills. 2,500XP
Massive Payload
Gooser [IV] Get 4 Airborne Kills. 5,000XP
Massive Payload
Gooser [V] Get 5 Airborne Kills. 10,000XP
Massive Payload

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