The grapple is great for getting to hard to reach places quickly. It can also be used to pull enemies closer.
— Description
The Grapple is a Pilot Tactical Ability in Titanfall 2.[1]

The Grapple ability deploys a grappling hook that can attach to walls or ledges. The line retracts, pulling the pilot to the hook's location. It is great for getting to hard to reach places quickly and easily Rodeo Titans.

If the pilot looks below the grappling point, they will swing towards the ground, gaining an increase in speed. The grapple will detach if/when the grapple point leaves the pilot's line of sight. Jump Pack jets can be fired while grappling, similar to a double jump. In this way, a pilot can jump over the grapple point and use it to sling themselves forward at a greater speed.

Pilots cannot fire weapons while being pulled by the Grapple, but can still use Melee attacks.

The Grapple can also be used to pull enemies closer. If the pilot is in midair, they will be pulled towards their target at the same time.

This ability can also be used to perform a technique known as a Slingshot.



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