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Gridiron is a planet on The Frontier in the universe of Titanfall. It is home to a population of 90 million, and has been extensively terraformed by its inhabitants.[1] Despite this, its surface is baked in deadly solar radiation from its parent star, leading to periods where residents cannot step into direct sunlight for more than a few seconds without severe risk of injury.[2] The planet is (or was previously) home to Leviathans,[3] kept away from military bases and population centres by Repulsor Towers.

Locations Edit

Gridiron is known to support at least one city, New Anchorage,[4] and a Training Ground for IMC Pilots known as Training Ground Whitehead. Less than 100 miles from Whitehead is an abandoned reservoir experiencing severe drought, and utilised by Frontier Militia special forces as a long range desert patrol outpost.[5]

Economy Edit

There are several companies operating on Gridiron - the most notable of which is Gridiron Transport Services, responsible for manufacturing many of the Cars found on The Frontier. Vinson Dynamics is also known to have a facility on Gridiron.[4]

In relation to other worlds on the Frontier, Gridiron is connected to the Core Systems by the refuelling facilities on planet Cibus and the planet Demeter after it.

References Edit

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