"Here Be Dragons" is the sixth campaign mission of Titanfall. It takes place on Hardpoint Domination on Boneyard.


Frontier MilitiaEdit

Interstellar Manufacturing CorporationEdit

Pre-Mission Briefing Edit

IMC Edit

Graves: Attention all personnel, this is the six. We are approaching the first of twenty-six jump points to Tower Station Zulu. You have all been given Code-Black-Five clearance for this operation. Understand that you are going to a hostile planet; it will try to kill you. The Dog-Whistle Tower at this site has not functioned for twenty years, so you will be exposed to the wildlife out there. When you make planetfall, you will encounter Flyers with beaks powerful enough to pierce nine inch armour plating; you will see creatures so massive that they affect the calculation of jump co-ordinates.
Do not allow these hazards to distract you from the mission at hand - the Militia seeks to exploit the Repulsor technology, and we cannot allow that to happen. Take control of all generator hardpoints, overload the tower and scuttle the base. Graves out.

Militia Edit

MacAllan: Crew, this is MacAllan. With the IMS Sentinel out of comission, we've got a window of opportunity to make a jump to a place that does not officially exist. Barker, however, can get us there. Go ahead, Barker.
Barker: Well, first I'd like to say, this is a horrible, horrible idea.
Sarah: (Interrupts) Ugh, not again.
Barker: You want to go the abandoned IMC base where I used to work? Ah, I'm not dumb enough to go down there myself but I'll plot the jump co-ordinates from memory and fly you there. Titan Pilots, once you're on the ground, look up and you will see a massive tower. It was designed to keep out the wildlife - past-tense. I'd say "Don't feed the animals" but you might not have a choice, 'cause they're a hell of a lot bigger than you are. Mac, I'll be at the bar if you need me.
MacAllan: Pilots, the tower technology is still used at the airbase that protects Demeter. If we can learn how it works, we can use it against the IMC. MacAllan out.


Militia forces raid an abandoned IMC facility, Base Golden on a desert world populated by hostile wildlife. The base, while it was still in operation, was protected by wildlife repulsor towers, and the Militia's objective is to restore power to the facility to recover information on how to shut those towers down, as similar repulsors protect other IMC bases, notably Demeter. This is the first step in MacAllen's plan to cripple the IMC in the frontier. The IMC is aware, in broad strokes, of MacAllen's plan, and send teams to Base Golden as it still contains the prototype respulsors and information related to their design. The IMC's goal is to overload the still-active reactor at the facility and destroy Base Golden. Both teams encounter each other and the battle ensues. If the Militia win, the Bish sends a pulse up the tower to prove the information checked out. If the IMC win, the reactor goes critical and blasts out the remaining structures on the base. Either way, the Militia recover enough information to develop a way to remotely shut down the towers.

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