Perfect for the art of deception, the Holo Pilot will mimic its Pilots last move.
— Description
The Holo Pilot is a Pilot Tactical Ability in Titanfall 2.[1]

The Holo Pilot ability deploys a hologram that mimics its Pilots last move, deceiving enemies into believing it is a real enemy. It has two charges, allowing you to use it twice. It is very effective against Auto Titans, as they will be distracted and will allow you to damage them unnoticed. They can be detected by pilots with the fact that they do not have a Patch next to their name. It is the last tactical ability you will unlock.

Strategy Edit

  • Paying attention to what happens to your Holo Pilot is critical to using it to its full effect. Catching a pilot shooting at your Holo Pilot basically guarantees you a kill, so you should keep an eye on your hologram after you send it out.
  • Placing a Satchel Charge near a stationary hologram can punish pilots attempting to steal a stealthy melee kill or execution.
  • It is a smart idea to send out a hologram when in the air after an ejection to help avoid death by gooser. Holograms are also excellent at distracting Minions and Auto Titans, making them very useful in Attrition, Bounty Hunt and Frontier Defense.
  • Holograms can be deployed in emergency situations in the middle of a gunfight to distract an enemy for a split-second.


Trivia Edit

  • a Hologram is able to attach to walls regardless of whether or not the Wallhang Kit is equipped.


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