The IMC Colonial Navy[1] is the naval arm of the IMC Armed Services, responsible for the operation of starships on the Frontier. The navy, like other IMC elements, is led by the Commander-In-Chief, Frontier Command (CINCFRONT), usually at the rank of Vice Admiral.

History Edit

Prior to the Fracture Operation, the IMC Navy, under the command of then-Vice Admiral Marcus Graves, had been pursuing the Frontier Militia's First Fleet for months, driving them to engagement on the planet Victor. Later, the IMC's flagship - IMS Sentinel - would be called in to provide air support in the skies above Angel City. A surgical strike by Militia Hornet fighters would cripple the ship, forcing it into drydock for three days with a destroyer covering its patrol route.

At Outpost 207, the vessel would be destroyed by the Militia, via the hostile takeover of the outpost's primary railgun. With the flagship down, IMS Colossus was promoted to flagship. This act would trigger a new wave of reinforcements - the IMS 2nd Fleet - being sent from the Core Systems, though it is unknown if they would arrive in time to relieve existing forces.

At Demeter, a third of the IMC's naval power on the Frontier would come together to stop a Militia assault on the vital fuel depot, with second-wave reinforcements from the Core Systems being triggered. Ultimately, the fleet would sustain significant losses and would be put on a back foot. The later defection of Marcus Graves to the Militia would promote Spyglass to the rank of Vice Admiral.

After the Battle, the IMC Navy would form the backbone of the Remnant Fleet and the Expeditionary Force sent to seek out a new world to utilise as a staging area for continued Frontier war, eventually establishing a Fleet Operations Base amidst a Swamp on an unnamed planet. This Remnant Fleet would conduct numerous raids on Harmony over the next half-decade.

The Navy would also be involved in the Battle of Typhon, contributing at least three vessels - IMS Draconis, IMS Malta and IMS Thermopylae, to the defense and escort of the Ark to the Fold Weapon.

Structure Edit

The Navy, as the backbone of all Frontier operations, is the direct link between IMC command in the Core Worlds and expeditionary forces on the Frontier. To this end, the commander of all Frontier Naval Forces holds the rank of Vice Admiral, with the added of title of Commander-In-Chief, Frontier Command (CINCFRONT). Officers in this position use the lack of strict regulation on Frontier operations as an opportunity to interface directly with front-line units, as opposed to deferring to chain of command. For example, it was not uncommon for Vice Admiral Marcus Graves to join Pilots in their Goblin Dropships, and Spyglass regularly provides combat intelligence, support and Titan updates for infantry in the field.

The Navy also has IMC Marine units assigned to it, for deployment, security and defence.

Fleet Makeup Edit

The IMC fleet consists of a number of warships, of varying classes.

Andromeda-Class Carrier Edit

  • These vessels are stated to be much older than current carrier classes, being used during the Titan Wars decades ago.

IMC Battleship Edit

  • IMS Malta
  • These vessels are outfitted with Heavy Turrets, large cotingents of Goblin Dropships, broadside cannons and a myriad of infantry to ensure domination in both space and terrestrial operations.

Megacarrier Edit

Destroyer Edit

  • Seen only in concept art. However, one is mentioned to cover the patrol route of Sentinel while the latter was in drydock.

Other kinds of vessels Edit

There are several types of vessels not identified formally that have been mentioned or have appeared in the series. These include the IMS Colossus and another kind of vessel seen in the skies of Demeter.

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Notes Edit

  1. The name "Colonial Navy" is mentioned only in the concept art for the R-97 Compact SMG of Titanfall 2. However, given no other name exists, it is used in this article.