The IMC Dynamic Testing Facility was a facility on Typhon operated by ARES Division and overseen by Ash. It was the end point for the pre-fabricated buildings and terrain manufactured in the World Foundry, which would be utilised in live-fire training and testing exercises for IMC personnel and experimental military hardware such as the Reaper. It was also used by Ash for the purpose of testing and executing captured Militia Riflemen and later Jack Cooper.

Locations Edit

The Dynamic Testing Facility was separated by a large, unknown number of Testing Domes - massive chambers lined with holographic panels and housing miniature towns or test scenarios put into place by the Foundry below. The holographic panels can change depending on simulation to show a variety of vistas in the background, allowing for the impression of open skies and mountain ranges despite the caverns being situated hundreds of metres underground.

Several Titanfall 2 multiplayer maps and one campaign mission are known or presumed to take place within the Dynamic Testing Facility.

A Simulation Dome can also be found on Complex.

History Edit

The facility was operated by Ash during the Battle of Typhon, where it was used to test Reaper combat units on captured Militia soldiers. The arrival of Pilot Jack Cooper soon resulted in a containment breach as the Pilot escaped the testing chambers. The facility was then ordered scuttled by Kuben Blisk, leading to Cooper and BT attempting to escape. However, their escape would be blocked by Ash, leading to one final fight between the Pilots before Ash's death.