IMS Draconis was an transport vessel in service of the IMC Colonial Navy, seeing use during the Battle of Typhon. It was ultimately destroyed in the battle.

History Edit

The Draconis is first seen during Trial By Fire, stationed at an IMC airbase. Here, it would be the target of an offensive by the Marauder Corps, in which Pilots Jack Cooper and Sarah Briggs would battle through heavy Titan defences to reach the ship. However, they would be too late and arrive just in time to see the Ark loaded onto the ship before takeoff.

Draconis 7

The Draconis, and its cargo, would then be swiftly followed by a Militia fleet consisting of a squadron of Crows, Widows and he MacAllan-Class Carrier MCS Carter Braxton. In its defence would be IMC warships IMS Malta and IMS Thermopylae.

Ultimately, the damage taken in the skies above Typhon would prove too great, with the vessel crashing into the jungle.

Gallery Edit

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