The IMS Sentinel is an IMC Supercarrier in Titanfall. It is the flagship for the IMC fleet until its destruction at the hands of James MacAllan and the Frontier Militia during the Frontier War.[1]

History Edit

During the battle of Angel City, the Sentinel would provide air support for IMC ground forces by deploying many Phantoms. The Sentinel was supposed to be reinforced by IMS Colossus, though for unknown reasons, this support never arrived. Consequently, the Sentinel would be subjected to a focused attack on its aft thruster by Militia Hornet fighters, and be forced to retreat to drydock at Outpost 207.[2] A Destroyer would be provided to cover its patrol route.[3]

TF Sentinel Destruction

The Sentinel is destroyed by the cannon of Outpost 207.

During the Assault on the Sentinel, the Frontier Militia would take control of the Repair Dock's defense cannons and attempt to shoot the carrier out of the sky. The carrier is either blown out of the sky by cannon fire, or manages to make an emergency landing with Vice Admiral Marcus Graves at the helm, depending on the victor of the mission. No matter the outcome of the mission, the Sentinel is a casualty of the war.[1]

The IMC would later use the vessel (Or at least had the intentions to) by breaking it down and salvaging what they could to make another Carrier. It is unknown whether they accomplished this or not.[1]

The destruction of Sentinel would also trigger the IMC 2nd Fleet being sent from the Core Systems to assist, though it is also unknown whether they could arrive before The Battle of Demeter.

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