IMS Solaris[1] was an IMC Carrier in the service of the IMC Colonial Navy during the Battle of Airbase Sierra. During the battle, it was set as an evacuation point for IMC personnel, but was ultimately forced to evacuate the Airbase due to the destruction of Sierra's Wildlife Repulsor Towers.

Trivia Edit

  • The ship can also be seen on War Games, as the map is part-simulation of Base Sierra.

Notes Edit

  • The Solaris is never explicitly stated to be the vessel seen in the skybox of Airbase. However, given that it is the only ship that can be seen on the map, it is a safe bet to presume that the two are one and the same.

References Edit

  1. Sh!t My Grunt Says, Airbase IMC: 0:22 - "If those Leviathans come stampeding through here, set the auto-destruct and regroup at the Solaris."

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