The Interstellar Manufacturing Corporation, or IMC for short, is a faction that appears in Titanfall and Titanfall 2.

The IMC, formerly called Hammond Engineering, is a massive industrial conglomerate based on Earth. With Earth's support, IMC deployed its fleets to the distant, independent human colony worlds to exploit their rich resources. Facing the loss of their homes and freedom to the IMC invaders, the colonists formed a militia known as Frontier Militia and fought back, sparking a civil war that spread throughout human space. IMC is one of the two factions confirmed to be in Titanfall.

The founder of the IMC was Doctor Hammond, said to be at least 200 years old (or dead, depending on who is talking), and the current chairman is known as Hammond Jr. or Mister Hammond, a descendent of the founder.



The corporation started out small, in the natural resource extraction industries under the name Hammond Engineering. Fifteen years later, demand for Titan manufacturing materials, combined with Hammond's market-cornering planetary survey technology and map database rights, contributed to the explosive growth of the corporation. Over the course of a century, a series of acquisitions, mergers, and re-brandings lead to the transformation of Hammond Engineering into the sprawling commercial empire that is the IMC.

Despite their reputation of exploitative behavior on the Frontier, they receive little criticism from their shareholders and customers living in the Core Systems, as the material conveniences and widely used products provided by the IMC generate considerable 'consumer inertia,' to the corporation's benefit.

With the Frontier's valuable shipping lanes and vast planetary resources ripe for exploitation, the IMC is dedicated to maximizing profits and shareholder wealth, using the legal application of force when necessary.

Vice Admiral Marcus Graves was in charge of all IMC forces in the Frontier, while Sergeant Blisk handled combat deployments and Spyglass was responsible for information and logistics.


At the start of the Frontier Militia's campaign for the freedom of the Frontier, they attacked a former colony in the Yuma system during The Refueling Raid. After which, both sides received a distress signal from a nearby settlement set up off official records. Upon investigation, it was revealed that the IMS Odyssey was what delivered the people to the planet and provided materials to build the makeshift town. During the skirmish with the Militia at The Colony, it was revealed that former IMC officer, James MacAllan was alive and was the one who started the colony. MacAllan was the executive officer of the Sentinel under the command of Vice Admiral Graves fifteen years prior. Graves ordered MacAllan to be captured on charges of treason.

The Militia, however, looked to MacAllan as a leader for their forces, and assisted MacAllan in recovering information from The Odyssey. When they failed, Vice Admiral Graves heard from informants that MacAllan's next move would be to recover Robert "Barker" Taube from Angel City. Acting preemptively, Graves ordered search parties to find Barker, however MacAllan was already in the process of moving Barker out of the city, while IMC forces engaged Militia soldiers in the streets. Graves eventually requested support during the battle which arrived in the form of the IMS Sentinel. The craft would be damaged by Militia Hornet fighters and forced to go to dry dock at Outpost 207 for repairs. During the Militia's Assault on the Sentinel, the insurgents attempted to use the facility's defense guns against the immobile IMC craft, while the IMC forces attempted to eliminate the Militia forces before the goal could be accomplished. Once again met with failure, and having figured out what MacAllan would do next, Graves ordered his forces to go to Base Golden at the Boneyard to stop the Militia from learning their weaknesses. This would allow them to attack the towers in use at the airbases in the Demeter system, the ones protecting the IMC facility from attack.

The IMC destroyed the facility, however the Militia gained the intelligence they needed to attack The Three Towers at Airbase Sierra, and allow the wildlife to devastate the facility. Despite the IMC's best effort, the Militia managed to succeed, setting the stage for The Battle of Demeter. During the engagement, Sergeant Blisk was ordered down to the surface to stop MacAllan from overloading the reactor and destroying the facility. Upon MacAllan locking himself inside the reactor core, Graves ordered Blisk to retreat and pleaded with MacAllan not to go through with his plan. In response, MacAllan implored his old friend to take over for him after he died as leader of the Militia before detonating the facility. Vice Admiral Graves disappeared in the ensuing chaos which led to Spyglass becoming Vice Admiral in command of the IMC's forces in the Frontier and Blisk being promoted to Commander. The IMC would come into conflict with the Militia led by Graves three months after the Battle of Demeter at a Hammond Robotics Spectre production facility in Made Men.

Titanfall 2Edit

Five years after the events of Titanfall, the IMC continued battling the Militia for control of the Frontier, but was losing ground. The Militia liberated over a quarter of Frontier space and forced the IMC on the defensive.

In an effort to regain the offensive, the ARES Division amassed on Typhon, where they began construction on a "Fold Weapon" capable of destroying planets, with the Militia capital world Harmony being their first target. Enlisting the help of the Apex Predators, the ARES Division fiercely defended the Fold Weapon, inflicting heavy casualties on the Frontier Militia and nearly destroying the 9th Militia Fleet. In the end, their efforts were in vain, and the Militia was able to destroy the fold weapon, partially destroying Typhon yet saving Harmony and countless other planets. General Marder, the leader of the ARES Division, now gathers data through battling Militia forces while he regroups the ARES Division for their next major operation.

After the Battle of Typhon, the IMC contracted Vinson Dynamics to reverse-engineer two captured Vanguard-Class Titans, recovered from the planet. Vinson was ultimately only partially succesful in their endeavour, creating the Monarch-Class Titan instead.

The main bulk of the IMC, the Remnant Fleet forces, regularly conduct raids on Militia controlled planets in order to stockpile enough resources to continue to the next stage of Spyglass's plan.

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