Into The Abyss is the fourth mission of Titanfall 2's single-player campaign.


Frontier MilitiaEdit


Cooper's LogbookEdit

My neuralink with BT is improving - I managed to kill Kane, a mercenary working for the IMC. Now we're back on track towards the rendezvous point, in search of Major Anderson. We're still being hunted. But now that we've got Kane's helmet radio, we can at least eavesdrop on enemy communications.
— Cooper's Logbook


The Shortcut Edit

4. Into the Abyss - 2

After defeating Kane, Jack Cooper and BT-7274 must now link up with Major Anderson, as per the directive of Special Operation 217. Do achieve this, they make their way through a cave system away from the Reclamation Facility, and soon find themselves inside the World Foundry - a massive factory that certainly justifies the "Manufacturing" part of the Interstellar Manufacturing Corporation. After climbing through the inner workings of the pipes and machines in the foundry, Jack and BT soon find themselves at an elevator that they need to activate to proceed. While Jack disembarks the Titan to activate the lift, BT finds himself caught by Ash. While BT is powerless in the restraints of the loading arm he is held in, Jack must now pursue and free him.

Mass-Production Edit


  • Make your way to the loading dock
  • Acquire Brute Titan Loadout
  • Find and rescue BT
  • Acquire Scorch Titan Loadout
  • Fight Ash


Pilot HelmetsEdit

There are 9 Pilot Helmets to be collected in this mission.

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