Laser-focused, Ion is all about power. With a central energy system that fuels all of its offensive and defensive abilities, Ion is an effective, tactical force on The Frontier.
— Description
Ion is an Atlas-based Titan class in Titanfall 2.[1][2] Ion Prime was added in Angel City's Most Wanted.


Ion is a Titan class that is based on the Atlas chassis design. Laser-focused, Ion is all about power. With a central energy system that fuels all of its offensive and defensive abilities, the Ion is an effective, tactical force on The Frontier. Ion's primary weapon is a Splitter Rifle. The Ion has an energy bar that recharges slowly, and almost all of her attacks require using this bar (with the exception of un-split Splitter rifle and, if you have Zero-Point Tripwire, then deploying tripwire). Ion has relatively low damage, but its ability to take the place of almost any role on the battlefield makes this a good titan for beginners (hence the reason why it is first on the titan list, and why it is chosen for you at first.


  • Can take multiple roles on the battlefield
  • Vortex shield is very powerful against most Titans (i.e. Legion, Monarch)
  • Laser shot can be a powerful medium-long range weapon when used correctly.
  • Laser core is very effective against most Titans


  • Relatively low damage output
  • Running out of energy can be bad in a combat situation


Primary Weapon
Splitter Rifle
"Rapid single-fire energy rifle with the ability to leverage the Ion's central energy system to fire 3 deadly shots at once."

Laser Shot
"Shoulder-mounted, this lethal beam cuts through anything in its way."

"Laser triggered explosive mines."

Vortex Shield
"Absorb incoming fire and redirect it back at the enemy."

Laser Core
"A deadly oversized laser beam fired from the chest of the Ion and capable of stopping anything it its path."

Customization Edit

Ion supports seven Warpaints; four vanilla and three DLC. She also supports 30 Nose Arts, 15 of which are DLC and 1 of which is Deluxe Edition-exclusive.

Ion's Kits are Grand Cannon, Zero-Point Tripwire, Entangled Energy, Vortex Amplifier and Refraction Lens.

Titanfall: Assault Edit

Ion returns in Titanfall: Assault as a crowd-clearing Titan, using the Splitter Rifle to disperse squads of robotics. The Ion has two variants;


  • Ion has 10,000 health just like Tone and the Ogre from Titanfall 1
  • With Ion's final Warpaint "Sandstorm" equipped, on Ion's left arm, there are three acronyms that are USA/DOD/AVM. These acronyms most likely stand for "United States of America," "Department of Defense," and "Adaptive Vehicle Make," respectively. Adaptive Vehicle Make was a series of projects overseen by DARPA under the US DOD to address new approaches to vehicle and weapon design.
  • As of December 2016, the Ion is the second most popular Titan within the game.[3]
  • Much like the Atlas Chassis from Titanfall 1 , Ion serves as a "Jack of All Trades", due to her ability to adapt to many roles on the battlefield, but isn't the best in any one aspect.
  • Sandstorm was originally going to be Ion's main skin.
  • Ion's regular termination has her block a punch from the enemy, firing her Laser Shot to sever the enemy Titan's arm, knocking out it's right leg with it before sticking the barrel of her Splitter Rifle into the cockpit and pulling the trigger, destroying both the Titan and Pilot, similar to how Slone destroyed BT-7274
  • Ion Prime's Termination is to fire a laser shot, then spin and hit the enemy in the upper body, knocking them on their back. Ion then fires her laser core ability onto the cockpit, melting the pilot and destroying the Titan. This does not use the Laser Core ability.
  • Ion's OS is voiced by Corri English.


  • The Red Baron warpaint, obtained by having played Battlefield 1 on the same account, will sometimes randomly disappear from your inventory, even if it was equipped. This can be fixed by logging into Battlefield 1 then switching back to Titanfall 2. It can also randomly fix itself after playing a multiplayer match or two.