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This article is about the Titanfall Online character, and may redirect here. For protagonist of Titanfall 2's single-player campaign, see Jack Cooper.
Jack, also known as "Iron", is an former IMC soldier and test pilot, now a cybernetically-enhanced independent Pilot fighting on The Frontier against the IMC. He is one of the four named, playable Pilots in Titanfall Online. His Titan is an Atlas Gauntlet.

History Edit

Note: Description is inferred based on the translation of his original bio, and may not be entirely accurate.

Jack was born and raised in the Core Systems, the son of a Titan engineer and purportedly a descendent of one of the original creators of the Titan. He served as a test pilot for the IMC, testing experimental Titan designs that would go on to service abroad. However, the stagnation of the Core Systems soon left him bored and wanting more, and the siren call of the Frontier was too loud to ignore. He enlisted in the IMC Armed Services as a Pilot and proper soldier, and he was promptly deployed to the Frontier.

However, Jack quickly discovered how Titans were abused and deployed in suppressing the populations and destroying the environments of the Frontier. Several interactions with friendly scientists further opened his eyes to the greed, callousness and overall disgusting nature of the IMC. Fully disillusioned with his employer, Jack's breaking point was eventually learning of the capture and pending execution of said scholarly allies.

Against his orders, Jack rescued the scientists with the help of his Atlas-class Titan, "Gauntlet," and staged a daring escape. They successfully got away, Jack's desertion of the IMC now complete, but his left arm was severed in the process. As thanks for the rescue, these scientists replaced his arm with an augmented cybernetic prosthetic, and they now serve as his support crew.

Now an independent mercenary Pilot with an Atlas-class Titan to his name, Jack continues his fight against the IMC and their injustices across the Frontier.[1]

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