This article is about the Titanfall Online character, and may redirect here. For protagonist of Titanfall 2's single-player campaign, see Jack Cooper.
Jack, also known as "Iron", is a former-IMC soldier, and now acts as a Pilot fighting on The Frontier against the IMC, and is playable in Titanfall Online. His Titan is an Atlas Gauntlet.

History Edit

Note: Description is inferred based on the translation of his original bio, and may not be entirely accurate.
Jack was born in the Core Systems, as the son of a Titan engineer. However, the stagnation of the Core Systems soon left him wanting more, so he joined up in the IMC Armed Services as a Pilot. He was involved in the testing of several Titans for the IMC on The Frontier.

However, Jack would soon become disillusioned with the IMC after seeing how his creations were deployed in suppressing the populations of The Frontier. Eventually, he would go against his orders and save several scientists from execution, his arm being severed in the process. These scientists would replace his arm with an augmented upgrade, allowing him to continue his fight against the IMC with his Atlas-class Titan.[1]

Gallery Edit

References Edit

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