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Just doing my job.
— Jack Cooper to Davis

Jack Cooper is the Pilot protagonist and the playable character of Titanfall 2's single-player campaign.[1]


Due to the radically skewed population and wealth distribution on Earth Jack Cooper's family relocated to the Frontier in search of a better life when he was an infant. The rural Frontier community they inhabited was subjected to harassment and exploitation by IMC garrisons. As the IMC continued to disrupt the livelihoods of the people in his home system, Cooper volunteered as a Militia Rifleman 3rd Class to free the Frontier from the oppression of the IMC. One of his first assignments as a rifleman was during the battle of Fracture, where he suffered a head injury in the line of duty and had trouble remembering his involvement as a result.

Titanfall 2 Edit

Tai Lastimosa trains Jack Cooper despite its not technically being allowed. The training session is interrupted when the 9th Militia Fleet arrive at Typhon. Cooper and Lastimosa are deployed to the planet's surface. During the first battle to occur on the planet, Cooper's battalion is surrounded by Spectre units. Apex Predator Titans show up to finish off the grunts, but Cooper is protected by Lastimosa and BT-7274. Lastimosa is gravely injured in the process, however.

Cooper awakens to find Lastimosa barely alive, transferring control of BT to Cooper. Lastimosa dies, Cooper buries him with rocks. He takes Lastimosa's jump kit and helmet. After retrieving batteries for BT, the duo escape into the wilderness, attempting to locate Maj. Anderson to finish Lastimosa's mission.

The two come across an IMC facility where a battle is occurring between Miltia and IMC forces. Cooper and BT fight through the facility and make their way to Kane, an Apex Predator responsible for the death of many Militia pilots in the battle. They kill Kane and Cooper takes his communication device.

They head on, And find An IMC factory lead by Ash, an apex predator. Ash torments Him throughout the facility, which builds training grounds for captured militia Soldiers. Jack and BT find ash and Kill her, But she is resurrected.

They then head to A radio station to hail militia Troops. They must Battle Richter, an apex Predator. They beat him. They Head to The IMC research facility, Trying to Find andersons Corpse.

Cooper eventually locates Anderson's corpse, and uses a device he finds on it to time travel through The IMC research facility. He gathers intel on the Ark, and Special Operation 217 is completed.

He Then meets Up with Sarah briggs, Who Leads a titan assault To capture the ark. They fail, and the ark escapes. The follow The ship.

He and BT meet up with the bulk of the Militia forces. He takes part in an assault by Sarah Briggs to locate and destroy the Ark.He then Battles Viper and Kills him. After being captured by Blisk and Slone, BT is seemingly destroyed. Cooper retrieves the Titan's SERE Kit, which allows him to escape. He plants BT's data core in a new chassis and tracks down the Ark. After killing Slone, Cooper attempts to sacrifice himself along with BT to destroy the Ark, but BT throws him away from the blast. His life is saved by Barker.

Cooper is hailed a hero and officially sworn into the SRS, although he is reluctant to be assigned a new Titan.

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Trivia Edit

  • Although his ethnicity is assumed to be Caucasian, in the Art of Titanfall 2 book, Lead Artist Joel Emslie said of his appearance, "We went for the look of a guy who might be a mix of ethnicities with a hint of Benecio Del Toro."
  • He was present at Operation: Fracture, and suffered a concussion that led to a minor case of amnesia.
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