An enigmatic, independent bounty hunter who communicates with clients via proxies, Jester is an experimental IMC Simulacrum, based on a deceased, highly decorated IMC operative who volunteered for the program. Jester does not know he is a Simulacrum, and is programmed to believe he is the original IMC operative, but without any self-awareness of normal human limitations.[1]

Trivia Edit

  • Jester was cut from the Titanfall 2 campaign. Despite this, his figure can be purchased.
  • Jester's model appears to be a Phase Shift Pilot in the multiplayer.
  • Jester's model appears as enemy specialists helping the IMC on Typhon.
  • The product page for Jester lists his weapon as a G2A2 Rifle, though it is likely this is simply a typo or the weapon's name hadn't been decided yet. The weapon is in fact a G2A5 Battle Rifle.

References Edit

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