Jump Kicking is a move for Pilots in Titanfall. A Pilot has a special animation to kick an enemy, acting as a melee weapon. This kills any infantry in one kick. Because the player jump kicks rather than doing a standing kick, a Pilot can move while performing a jump kick. However, the kick has a brief cool down between uses thus makes executing a jump kick tricky to execute especially when tailing an enemy player. This attack has a range of 1.42875 meters. Jump kicking works downwards and upwards, allowing you to kick enemies below you and above you. Jump kicking has a small aim assist, so you won't miss a target by a few inches.


  • The first person view of the jump kick animation only shows the pilot kicking Forwards where else seen in third person the pilot will do a 360 degree spin before making contact with the pilot.
  • Spectres do 120 melee damage.
  • Grunts do 100 melee damage and will perform a side kick instead of a jump kick when forced into close quarters.

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