TF AngelCity Pilot 0

A Pilot using a Jump Kit.

Jump Kits are small jetpacks that are worn around the waist. They originated in the ship salvage industry—workers needed a way to quickly navigate through complex geometries with deadly drops and sheer vertical faces. Jump Kits provide a brief burst of thrust that is used to leap to higher locations. They also have a function that adjusts the deceleration on potentially fatal descents to safe levels, allowing Pilots to fall from great heights without injury.

Combat Titan Pilots have informally adapted Jump Kits to their own purposes for many years. The Jump Kit enables sustained wall running, improving Pilot maneuverability in combat situations against regular infantry and other Titans, and fall from great heights. Grunts can sometimes be heard discussing jump kits, commenting that the odds of injury while using one are substantially greater than riding a motorcycle.


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