You were NOT invited to Kane's party- and that's why you're dead!
— Kane
Kane is a member of the Apex Predators and minor antagonist of Titanfall 2. A ruthless mercenary with a mental state to match, Kane's wild, unpredictable nature makes him an extremely dangerous Pilot. Alongside Kuben Blisk, Slone, Viper, Richter, and Ash, Kane was employed by the IMC to transport the Ark to the Fold Weapon on Typhon. As part of his contract, Kane was given command of IMC forces stationed within the Reclamation Facility.

Kane is a known narcotics dealer and absuser, as BT-7274 states early on in the mission. This fact is further accentuated with his shifty, highly volatile way of speaking. He has many scars and a damaged eye, likely a result of said drug abuse. He tends to verbally abuse everyone around him, his favorite derogatory term being "scrub".

Titanfall 2 Edit


Kane can be heard throughout the facility over intercom, ordering IMC forces to eliminate Jack Cooper and BT-7274. After failing multiple times to stop Cooper, Kane announces that he will take care of the problem personally. Kane is encountered near the end of Blood and Rust, ripping a Militia Pilot out of his Titan before fighting Cooper in his customized Scorch Titan alongside an unknown Northstar. Kane attempts to murder Cooper, but he is ultimately killed in the battle. Jack Cooper then removes a radio device from Kane's helmet, granting him the ability to eavesdrop on enemy communications.

Trivia Edit

  • Kane utilises the model of a Holo Pilot and, like Davis, utilises a helmet unavailable to multiplayer Pilots. In addition, the words "EVOLVE OR DIE" can be see scratched into his armour.

Gallery Edit

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