The LG-97 Thunderbolt[1] is a Pilot anti-Titan weapon that appears in Titanfall 2.[2]


The LG-97 Thunderbolt is a Pilot anti-Titan energy projector that fires a large, slow-moving ball of electricity. In spite of its odd appearance and the even odder properties of its ammunition, it can be considered analogous to a rocket launcher.

The Thunderbolt is a very effective tool for rapidly gaining Titan meter, due to its constant, high AOE damage. When fired into clustered enemy Titans or Minions, it can provide as high as ten or twenty percent Titan meter. As such, it is very effective on clustered, confined maps such as Angel City, Relic or Drydock.

Strategies Edit

  • Because of the projectile's damage dealt to enemies nearby, the Thunderbolt can be very effectively used by firing near but not necessarily at enemies - a Thunderbolt projectile flying nearby past an enemy Titan will do much more damage and meter gain than a direct impact, and has the chance to go on to affect enemies further behind.
  • The Thunderbolt suffers from long reload times between shots and the need to zoom into its sight before firing. To offset this, Speedloader and Gun Ready are recommended mods. Extra Ammo is also a good choice, as you can expect to burn through Thunderbolt ammunition very quickly.

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