A deadly oversized laser beam fired from the chest of the Ion and capable of stopping anything it its path.
— Description

The Laser Core is a Titan Core Ability in Titanfall 2.[1] It is used by the class Ion, and Ion Prime. It also appears in Titanfall Assault, where it is used by Core Ion.

Details Edit

The core begins with an animation where the Splitter Rifle is removed from the HUD, and 4 laser targeters come from the corners of your field of view. When they meet, the core commences. During this period movement speed/camera rotation is slowed and all abilities are inactive (However dash and eject are still enabled)

When the core has begun, dash is unavailable , and a hitscan beam emits from the Ion's chest(around the sensor eye) which is capable of destroying any given Titan in a matter of seconds, and effectively bypassing most defensive abilities. Enemy players be able to see the beam and react, as Ion herself is fairly vulnerable to flanking and damage during the core .

This ability, as a core, requires no energy from Ion's shared pool.

One of Ion's upgrade kits, 'Grand Cannon' enhances the duration of the core, allowing for much more damage to be done, along with a greater chance to secure kills. This can be very potent under the correct circumstances.

Overcore synergises with this ability, as Laser Shots can quickly charge the core, allowing players to push advantages early on in the game.

Titanfall: Assault Edit

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The Laser Core appears in Titanfall: Assault equipped on Core Ion. When the meter is full, the Core Ion unleashes the Laser Core for several seconds, which constantly deals damage and pushes enemies back when in use. However, like Titanfall 2, when the core is in use the Core Ion’s mobility is greatly reduced, causing it to be ineffective against swarms of enemies.

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