Shoulder-mounted, this lethal beam cuts through anything in its way.
— Description

The Laser Shot is a Titan Ordnance Ability that appears in Titanfall 2.[1] It is used by the class Ion, alongside its prime variant.

Shoulder-mounted, the Laser Shot fires a lethal beam that cuts through anything in its way. Using it will take way a little more than half of your energy. It does a moderate amount of damage, taking away about a half an energy bar (almost a full on a critical) and will vaporize pilots instantly. If the titan ordnance button is held down, it will hold from firing, but it will eventually fire.

Strategies Edit

  • Because of its high damage and accuracy, it is great for eliminating enemy pilots.
  • A possible tactic is to save all your energy for laser shots, and staying behind cover like a sniper.
  • Running Overcore with Ion, in combination with good Laser Shot accuracy, will net you Ion's Laser Core extremely quickly. Running Battery Back-up will allow a core charge in less than four shots.
  • While holding the Laser Shot key down, players can cancel it's charge by meleeing.

Trivia Edit

  • Laser Shots are one of the many abilities that can be mounted on an Acolyte Pod.
  • At the launch of Titanfall 2, the Laser Shot consumed 500 Units of energy to fire (out of a total pool of 1000), allowing the player to double-tap the Laser in rapid succession. As of Monarch's Reign, the laser now requires 550 energy to fire; instead of rapidly firing two shots, the player must wait a short period of time for that 50 energy to recharge, before firing again.
  • The Laser Shot is used in both the Terminations for Ion and Ion Prime.
  • It is possible that the Laser Shot is related to the Charge Cannon, mounted on the Destroyer Titan, or even the handheld charge rifle, due to their similar appearance in ammunition.