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Legion is an Ogre-based Titan class in Titanfall 2.[1]

Titanfall 2 Callsign We Are Legion


Legion is a Titan class that is based on the Ogre chassis design. Legion focuses on defense and controling combat zones. Legion is equipped with the Predator Cannon, which is equipped with short and long range ammo variations. The minigun is also equipped with a protective shield that can be deployed and can fire power shots.


Primary Weapon
Predator Cannon
"Short range rounds knock targets back. Long range rounds pierce targets"
Ordnance: Power Shot: Legion fires off a single, powerful shot that changes properties depending on his current mode. In the short range mode, Legion fires off a quick burst in a shotgun-like pattern and pushes enemies back. In long range mode, Legion fires off a single, very accurate shot that can pierce targets, very similar to a shot from Northstar's weapon.
Tactical: Mode Switch:

Legion changes from short-range mode to long-range mode or vice-versa. His shots become much more accurate in long-range, but use two ammo per shot.

Defensive: Gun Shield: Legion activates a shield from his Predator Cannon that deflects damage. It will disappear after a set amount of time or after it takes too much damage.
Core: Smart Core: Locks on on all targets, provides infinite ammo. Great for killing ejecting pilots.


  • As of December 2016, the Legion is the third most popular Titan within the game.[2]
  • The Predator Cannon might be a reference to the Predator mech from the free to play mech FPS Hawken. The Predator mech's primary weapon, Breacher, has two firing modes; uncharged shots spread projectiles in a shotgun pattern(close-range mode) while charged shots fires focused, high-damage long range projectiles that can bypass shields.
  • It is also potentially a reference to the film Predator in which one of the characters Blain (played by Jesse Ventura) wields a mini gun/chain gun.
  • Legion's Execution is to impale an enemy Titan on the tip of their Predator cannon, point it straight up in the air, and fire a ton of bullets into the Titan, shredding it to bits.
  • A Prime Legion model has been found in the Titanfall 2 models, but Respawn has said nothing on it.





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