"Look Out Below!" is a Kills Challenge in Titanfall. It requires getting kills by dropping your titan on top of an enemy.

You must complete Tier 5 of this challenge as part of the Regeneration requirements for Generation 9.

Kills for this challenge also count towards Sic 'Em! or Guard Dog challenges, depends on which mode falling titan was.

Tier Requirement Reward
Look Out Below! [I] Kill 1 enemy via Titanfall. 500XP
Look Out Below! [II] Kill 5 enemies via Titanfall. 1,000XP
Look Out Below! [III] Kill 15 enemies via Titanfall. 2,500XP
Atlas Refurb
Look Out Below! [IV] Kill 30 enemies via Titanfall. 5,000XP
Atlas Refurb
Spare Stryder
Look Out Below! [V] Kill 50 enemies via Titanfall. 10,000XP
Atlas Refurb
Spare Stryder
Reserve Ogre

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