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The Marauder Corps, better known as M​-COR, is a faction appearing in the Titanfall universe.

The M-COR is a brigade of the Frontier Militia formed by the colonies to defend against the invading forces of the IMC. For years, the independent frontier colonies had prospered without interference from Earth, but their abundant resources eventually drew the attention of the IMC, which sent its fleets to subdue the colonists and exploit their worlds. The M-COR's resistance effort against the IMC quickly escalated into all-out civil war. The M-COR was originally one of the two factions in Titanfall, before being replaced with the general Militia. Despite this, the M-COR still exists in-universe.

Titanfall 2 Edit

Also known as the SRS, Sarah Briggs now leads this elite group of pilots within the Militia. The M-COR is a playable faction in multiplayer.

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