"Made Men" is the ninth and final campaign mission of Titanfall. It takes place on Hardpoint Domination on Corporate.


Frontier MilitiaEdit

Interstellar Manufacturing CorporationEdit

Pre-Mission Briefing Edit

IMC Edit

Blisk: Attention all Pilots, listen up you bastards. This is Commander Blisk. For three months, we've been pursuing the traitor, Graves. We've followed him into disaster, and now we follow him into one of Hammond's classified production facilities. Please stand by for your new Vice Admiral, Spyglass.
Spyglass: We are still two years from completion of the new gateway at Demeter, which will bring with it the arrival of reinforcements from the Core Systems. At present, Spectre combat drone compose the bulk of our fighting force. The location of drone production facilities, therefore, is of paramount importance to our survival on the Frontier. The traitor, Graves, has stolen racks of Spectres and the locations of the facilities - he must be apprehended before he can lead the Militia to our destruction.
Blisk: Prepare to deploy, Pilots. We've got a lot of killing to do.

Militia Edit

Bish: Listen up, much has happened since we fought at Demeter three months ago. With the destruction of Demeter, IMC reinforcements are now years from arriving on the Frontier. Sarah?
Sarah: As the human numbers keep shifting in our favour, we've witnessed many defections from the IMC to our cause. Trust is earned, not given, and I know you are all wary of fighting alongside former foes. But this man comes with MacAllan's own seal of approval. I give you Field Commander Marcus Graves.
Graves: Pilots, this is a war. The Militia are not guerillas; we do not have to run. We do not have to hide. We stand and fight. Because for the first time, we are not trapped in their world - they are trapped in ours. Today, we strike at the first of many IMC robotics factories. Check your loadouts and ready up. Graves out.

Plot Edit

Graves defects to the Militia. Three months later, under his command, the Militia takes the fight to the IMC, striking at the first of many IMC robotics production facilities. Cut off from reinforcements following the destruction of Demeter, the IMC on the Frontier are increasingly dependent on automated infantry. Now, the hunters have become the hunted, and the IMC forces must fight to preserve their replication facilities on the Frontier. The fate of the Frontier remains uncertain, but for now the Militia holds the upper hand.[1]

IMC and Militia forces deploy on opposite ends of the map, with the battle already raging. IMC Pilots arrive just in time to see Spectres overwhelm an enemy Titan, while Militia Pilots deploy on the roof in time to see an IMC Atlas jump on a Crow dropship and force it onto the ground. During the battle, Pilots battle for control of three Hardpoints - upon capturing a Hardpoint, the team's commander takes control of any Spectres in the area or on the local production lines, adding them to that team's forces.

Mid-way through the battle, Graves opens a communications line to Blisk, attempting to persuade him to switch sides. Ultimately, this attempt fails and the two depart less-than amicably.

Eventually, one side establishes control of the facility. If an IMC victory, Spyglass activates all Spectres on the production lines to hunt down the remaining Militia troops. In the event of a Militia victory, Bish is able to cause all Spectres on the line to self-destruct, resulting in destruction of the facility.

References Edit

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