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The M32 MGL , also known as the Mag Launcher, is a Pilot anti-Titan magnetic grenade launcher that appears in Titanfall and Titanfall 2.


The Mag Launcher fires magnetic grenades. When fired, the grenades will veer towards nearby enemy Titans and Spectres, and detonate on impact.
— In-game description.

The Mag Launcher is a Pilot anti-Titan magnetic grenade launcher that appears in Titanfall.


The Mag Launcher fires magnetic grenades that are automatically guided towards Titans and Spectres within a reasonable range.

  • The Mag Launcher may be used from cover, from rooftops or around the corner without exposing the Pilot to enemy fire.
  • Low ammo capacity and a slow reload with moderate damage make this Anti-Titan Weapon more of a challenge for players to use.
  • The Mag Launcher has half the blast radius of a Frag Grenade, and does 70% less damage to infantry than a Frag Grenade; but the Mag Launcher can kill pilots with 2 shots.
  • Grenades will be guided to Titans within 3.6195 meters of it.

Titanfall 2Edit

The MGL is a Pilot anti-Titan grenade launcher that is set to appear in Titanfall.[1]


The MGL is an anti-Titan grenade launcher that fires two grenades in a rapid succession. A single belt can hold a total of eight grenades. It is currently unknown if the MGL is magnetic like its Titanfall counterpart or if the "M" stands for "multiple" as it does it the real world.


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