This mod allows you to fire the weapon as fast as you can pull the trigger. This lets you smoothly transition between firing precise single shots at range, and firing rapidly at close-quarters.
— In-game description
Match trigger

The Match Trigger is a weapon mod in Titanfall. It increases the maximum rate of fire on semi-automatic weapons, allowing for the weapon to be fired as fast as the trigger is pulled. It is available on the Hammond P2011 by default, the G2A4 Rifle as a mod, and the B3 Wingman through the burn card Amped Wingman.

The mod can be unlocked for the G2A4 Rifle by completing the Top Gun (II) - G2A4 Rifle challenge, requiring 15 Pilot kills with the weapon. Using Match Trigger lowers the magazine capacity from 14 to 12 and slightly increases recoil. This makes it much more difficult to fire accurately at longer ranges but increases the gun's effectiveness at close range.

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