The Medium Turret[1] is a medium-sized stationary gun emplacement employed by the Interstellar Manufacturing Corporation for defence of starships and locations of note. Like the Heavy Turret, they are immobile, but can be deployed in a variety of situations. They can be automatically controlled by an on-board AI or by an operator such as a Grunt.

Overview Edit

Medium Turrets were employed during Operation: Broadsword. Their first major role was serving as Anti-Air and Anti-Titan defence for the IMS Draconis[2]. Later on, the IMS Malta employed a number of Medium Turrets to serve as broadside guns for air defence, including the destruction of MCS Carter Braxton[3]. They were later seen used as part of a myriad of defences - including Railguns - defending the Fold Weapon against the 9th Militia Fleet.[4]

Medium Turrets can also be deployed and fought against in Titanfall Assault, where they serve as Hardpoint defence turrets.

Gallery Edit

References Edit

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