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An IMC Grunt.

Minions are the non-playable AI in the matches of Titanfall and Titanfall 2. They come in a few varieties; including Spectres, Grunts, and Reapers. They act as the basic foot soldiers of the battle field. Alone they pose no threat, but in groups can easily harass and or kill a Pilot or Titan.


Being weak, poor at aiming, and lacking intellect, Grunts are easy to avoid and flank. However, their attention to you may draw the unwanted presence of an enemy Titan. Both Grunts and Spectres can be taken down by traditional shooting or by assassination, but the Spectres can be taken down another way- by using your Data Knife to overload its memory and have it fight by your side, increasing your team's numbers slightly.

Reapers require concentrated fire from several small arms or focus fire from one or more Titans to efficiently destroy.


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