Monarch is a Titan appearing in Titanfall 2, added in the Monarch's Reign update. The Monarch is based upon the Vanguard-Class Titan. Levelling it to level 10 will unlock the Chrysalis patch and levelling to generations 2.0, 3.0 and 4.0 will unlock variants of the Coronation banner.

Lore Edit

Monarch’s design is based on the salvaged, badly burnt remains of two Vanguard-class Titans recovered by the IMC from the Battle of Typhon. While the Vanguard-class was designed by the Militia for armed recon deep behind enemy lines, the IMC’s mandate for Monarch focused on flexibility through survival and support options, to serve many operational roles.

Monarch 1

Although Vinson Dynamics* was unable to reverse-engineer and replicate key aspects of the original Vanguard design, they brought their own R&D innovations when creating Monarch. One of these innovations is her Upgrade Core, which allows her to improve her combat abilities during a battle, based on options set by her Pilot. Monarch also has an impressive ability to draw power from enemy Titans to recharge her own shields, or the shields of her friendly Titans. Despite the IMC and Vinson Dynamics’ efforts to maintain secrecy, several shipments of early Monarch production variants invariably leaked onto the black market, allowing mercenary Pilots and independent manufacturers across the Frontier to discover her true potential.[1]

*A wholly owned subsidiary of the Interstellar Mining Corporation

Loadout Edit

Primary Weapon
XO16A2 Chaingun

XO16A2 Chaingun
"20mm armor-piercing automatic rifle."

RocketSalvo T2

Rocket Salvo
"Launches an unguided rocket swarm."


"Refreshes the cooldown of your Dash, Ordnance and Defensive ability."

Energy siphon

Energy Siphon
"Slows enemies and generates Shields. Heavily armored targets generate more Shield."

Upgrade core

Upgrade Core
"Recharges your Titan's Shields and upgrades your Titan in the order of the upgrades above."

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