Monarch Reigns

Monarch's Reign is the fifth DLC available for Titanfall 2. It was announced on May 23rd, 2017[1] , it's trailer was released on May 25th and the update was released on May 30th, 2017. The update included a brand new Titan, Monarch, the Prime Titans for Tone and Ronin and a remake of the Titanfall map Relic.

Patch Notes Edit


Map: Relic

New Titan: Monarch

New Execution: Now You See Me [Cloak]

  • Requirement to unlock: Get 10 Pilot executions while cloaked [this is not counted retroactively].

New regen callsign banners for Gen 10-100 including prism versions.


Prime Titan: Ronin
Prime Titan: Tone

  • 20 new camos

Callsigns and Patches

  • 20 Callsigns and 20 Patches [including Nessie and Spicy Boy patches!] (See here for a list of callsigns added)

Nose Art

  • 5 new Nose Arts and 1 new Warpaint


  • You can now invite friends to Network in-game.
  • Added “confirm” dialogue when inviting a friend to Network.
  • Will no longer show the “invite friends to network” button if it’s

not allowed for active Network or if the Network is invite only and the player is not an admin.

Update to Crashsite map.

  • Fixed around 100 instances of getting bumped, bonked, stuck or

tripped up. During the clean-up, we also wanted to experiment with more mobility options. To that end we’ve added 8 ziplines to get around the map faster and a few more wallrunning locations.



  • Titan Meter and Core Meter are now gained when damaging shielded Titans.
  • Slightly reduced Core Meter generation from damage to compensate.
  • Titan executions are no longer blocked by shields.


  • Laser Shot now requires more energy, preventing you from double tapping opponents.
  • Reduced Laser Shot damage.
  • Laser Core damage slightly decreased.


  • New Pilot Kit 2: Titan Hunter - Killing a Titan rewards 10% bonus to your Titan meter.

Pilot Weapons


  • Near damage and amped near damage increased.
  • Added a small amount of viewkick.


  • Damage and amped damage reduced to bring it in line with other assault rifles.

R-201 and R-101

  • Very far damage slightly increased.


  • Damage and amped damage reduced. It should now require ramping up to be more effective than the Spitfire.


  • Amped DMR damage reduced to 80 for a bodyshot.


  • Near damage reduced.
  • Very far damage value added, reducing the pistol’s damage at distance.


very far damage reduced.

Tactikill Mod

  • Cooldown reduction per kill lowered to 25% from 35%.


  • Fixed issue with melee attacks not hitting near corners.
  • Improved hit accuracy when there is a height difference between players.


  • Prevent phase shift players from earning meter by phase dropping the flag and then picking it back up.
  • Private match will no longer display win/loss messages as those are not tracked in Private Matches.
  • You can now skip the kill replay in Live Fire and Last Titan Standing matches.


  • Players dying inside their Titan will no longer award a “Pilot Assist”.
  • Pilots no longer considered idle and be kicked while rodeoing.
  • Fixed issue with Pilots getting stuck after grappling out of a rodeo near a ceiling.
  • Fixed issue with store where bundles would still show as purchasable after you already bought them.
  • Fixed issue with open invites not showing the correct icon for joined members.
  • Fixed several rare crash bugs.

Media Edit

Titanfall 2 - Monarch's Reign Gameplay Trailer01:55

Titanfall 2 - Monarch's Reign Gameplay Trailer

References Edit

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