Nora, also known as "Star Seeker", is a Pilot explorer and Frontier pioneer, one of the four named Pilots appearing in Titanfall Online.

History Edit

Note: Description is inferred based off the translated description, and may not be fully accurate.

Nora's family were some of the early settlers of The Frontier, forming one of many small communities on a distant planet. During this time, Nora's father taught her many skills in the operation of firearms, Titans and other survival skills, essentially a stand-in for full-fledged Pilot training. Nora would often watch other pioneers and explorers venture into space, inspiring her own dreams.

Eventually, the Frontier War reached Nora's planet, and she was forced to evacuate in search of a new home - resulting in the death or disapperance of her father. This would not sway Nora, and her positive outlook on life would give her the perseverence needed to continue life on the Frontier. In time, she would inherit her father's posessions and journey off into the Frontier on her own, taking the name "Star Seeker" and becoming a trailblazer herself.

Despite her lack of formal Pilot training, Nora's upbeat attitude and survivalist skills take her far across the Frontier. She has a strong attachment to her Ogre-class Titan, "Wildcat," seeing it more as a friend than a piece of expendable hardware; it explains the cutesy paintjob and cat ears she added to it.[1]

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References Edit

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