Northstar is a Stryder-based Titan class in Titanfall 2.[1]

Overview Edit

Northstar is a Titan class that is based on the Stryder chassis design. Northstar is built on high mobility and precision attacks with its railgun and cluster missiles, and can perform vertical takeoffs and landings to reach more advantageous positions.

The Northstar chassis, by default, is only capable of a short VTOL-style hover, which it can use to gain an elevated sniping position or rain missiles down on the enemy. However, extremely expensive and time-consuming modifications can be equipped to allow flight more akin to that of a more standard aircraft - however, these upgrades are prohibitively expensive to obtain and are available for a very small amount of Pilots such as Viper. [2] A more standard modification for the majority of Pilots is the Viper Thrusters, which allow Northstar increased speed and longer flight times while in VTOL.

Northstar StrategyEdit

  • Northstar's primary weapon is the Plasma Railgun which deals small damage if fired immediately (though is still capable of insta-killing Pilots and Minions) - however if the weapon is fully-charged, it can do massive damage (Just short of being able to one-hit kill a Titan in the Doomed State) and knock the enemy Titan backwards, similar to the Power Shot used by Legion. Take advantage of this effect to push back CQC-based Titans such as Scorch or Ronin.
  • Also of note is that a fully charged Railgun shot will be able to punch through Heat Shield, dealing a small amount of damage to Scorch.
  • A good way to fully utilize Northstar's abilities is to tether an enemy titan before using the Cluster Missile, as the Titan in question will be unable to move out of the trap. Combining this with an Electric Smoke can maximise the damage dealt even further. If in Doomed State, a well-placed Tether Trap can even used to force a Titan into taking a Nuke Eject to the face, as they will be left unable to leave the blast radius in time.
  • Dashing to cover after firing a railgun round at a titan is very useful for outlasting enemy titans, dashing in and out from cover and firing a charged shot is a superb surprise tactic, making full use of Northstars dash capacity.
  • When encountering Legions Gun Shield, it is recommended to aim directly for the legs.
  • Being a glass cannon Northstar should run and kite all enemies encountered, keep them at range!
  • Plasma Railgun shots have a travel time, it is highly recommended to lead moving targets, pilots and titans alike, [aiming where the target will be, not where it is]
  • When fighting Ogre based titans such as Scorch or Legion, or a stryder based Ronin, aiming for the Weak points is highly recomended, however this isn't recommended for encounters with other titans.
  • If being unwillingly pursued, Cluster Missiles serve as a excellent deterrent to any pursuers, if they run through it they will take large amounts of damage, thus making them easier to eliminate.


Primary Weapon

Plasma Railgun
"Sniper railgun that charges up while zoomed. Hold [ADS] to charge."

Cluster Missile

Cluster Missile
"Creates sustained explosions on impact."

VTOL Hover

VTOL Hover
"Vertical take-off hover."

Tether Trap

Tether Trap
"Mine that locks enemy Titans down."

Flight Core

Flight Core
"Hover, unleashing rockets at targets below."


  • In the campaign mission "The Ark", Viper uses a modified Northstar that can fly for longer periods of time than a normal variant. This Northstar was custom-scripted as a passion project by the developer in charge of the boss fight, and thus is the only reason Viper has unique animations.
  • Northstar Prime was released with the Colony Reborn update, alongside Legion Prime.
  • Northstar's default Termination, called "Sweep the Leg", is sweeping the enemy titan's legs then flying up and placing her weapon onto the cockpit and firing a charged shot.
  • Northstar Prime's Termination, called "Bird of Prey", is her pouncing on the enemy titan, tearing it's arms off, and then flying up and firing her Flight Core at the downed titan before smashing back down onto it.
  • Also in The Ark campaign mission, the breaching charges used by the 6-4 use the same model as Northstar's tether traps.
  • The Northstar Titan Kit Threat Optics will highlight all enemies in red and all teammates in blue when aiming.
  • Northstar has the highest burst-damage potential in game.
  • Northstar is one of two Titans in Titanfall 2 to have a Defensive ability that is not a type of Shield, the other being Monarch.
  • Northstar's OS is voiced by Nora Jane Noone.




References Edit

  1. Titanfall 2 Official Trailer: Meet The Titans
  2. Reddit Q&A: "No, that was just Viper's thing. Very rare parts, very expensive to modify a Northstar to fly like that. But Viper, being a long time successful mercenary (until he met Jack and BT) could afford the parts and labor."

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