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Northstar is a Stryder-based Titan class in Titanfall 2.[1]

Overview Edit

Northstar is a Titan class that is based on the Stryder chassis design. Northstar is built on high mobility and precision attacks with its railgun and cluster missiles, and can perform vertical takeoffs and landings to reach more advantageous positions.


Primary weapon is the Plasma Railgun, returning from Titanfall 1

Ordnance is Cluster Missiles. Northstar fires off a single missile that creates sustained explosions on impact. They're capable of dealing immense damage should an enemy be caught in the blast zone.

Tactical ability is VTOL Hover. Northstar flies straight up to a set height using its Viper Thrusters, gaining an aerial view over the map and an advantage over her enemies.

Defensive ability is Tether Trap. Northstar fires off a stationary trap that, when activated, tethers an enemy. The enemy is restricted to a very small movement radius, and makes it much easier for Northstar to score critical hits.

Core is Flight Core. Northstar hovers over the battlefield, raining down mini cluster missiles on her enemies when the fire button is held.



  • In the campaign mission "The Ark", Viper uses a modified Northstar that can fly for longer periods of time than a normal variant.
  • Prime Northstar is set to arrive with the Colony Reborn update on March 30, 2017




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