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Northstar is a Stryder-based Titan class in Titanfall 2.[1]

Overview Edit

Northstar is a Titan class that is based on the Stryder chassis design. Northstar is built on high mobility and precision attacks with its railgun and cluster missiles, and can perform vertical takeoffs and landings to reach more advantageous positions.


Primary Weapon

Plasma Railgun
"Sniper railgun that charges up while zoomed. Hold [ADS] to charge."

Cluster Missile

Cluster Missile
"Creates sustained explosions on impact."

VTOL Hover

VTOL Hover
"Vertical take-off hover."

Tether Trap

Tether Trap
"Mine that locks enemy Titans down."

Flight Core

Flight Core
"Hover, unleashing rockets at targets below."


  • In the campaign mission "The Ark", Viper uses a modified Northstar that can fly for longer periods of time than a normal variant. This Northstar was custom-scripted as a passion project by the developer in charge of the boss fight, and thus is the only reason Viper has unique animations.
  • Northstar Prime was released with the Colony Reborn update
  • Northstar's Execution is sweeping the enemy titan's legs then flying up and placing her weapon onto the cockpit and firing a charged shot.
  • Northstar Prime's Execution is her pouncing on the enemy titan, tearing it's arms off, and then flying up and firing her Flight Core at the downed titan before smashing back down onto it.
  • Also in "The Ark" campaign mission, the breaching charges the 6-4 use use the same model as Northstar's tether traps.
  • The Northstar Titan Kit Threat Optics will highlight all enemies in red and all teammates in blue when aiming.




References Edit

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