Operation: Broadsword was an initiative conducted by the Frontier Militia, in the years following the Battle of Demeter. The Operation is the latest in a series of Militia-wide offensive pushes to retake The Frontier from the Interstellar Manufacturing Corporation. Only one operation within the overall Broadsword initiative is currently known - the actions of the 9th Militia Fleet and Special Operation 217. The fleet was sent to investigate Typhon, a mostly uninhabited and (believed) lightly-defended research post.

Special Operation 217 Edit

After the retrieval of the Time Gauntlet in Operation: Grizzly and the destruction of 29 IMC scientific research facilities on the Frontier[1], Special Operation 217 was given the green-light by SRS commander Sarah Briggs with the objective of investigating the isolated IMC research world of Typhon.

Expecting light defences. Militia forces instead encountered heavy anti-orbital weaponry, suffering major losses, including the MCS James MacAllan. Over the course of the next day, the Militia would take heavy losses but ultimately prevail with the destruction of Typhon.

References Edit

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