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Phantom render front

Phantoms are vehicles within the universe of Titanfall. They are single-seat jump-capable fighters designed for both atmospheric and exo-atmospheric combat. Originally codenamed "Straton", the Phantom project was started after the Titan Wars ended. The new fighter was intended to serve all branches of the IMC Armed Services in a standardized fashion. Cost overruns, lack of focus, and politics interfered with the development of the new fighter, resulting in an expensive-to-maintain fighter craft that is barely on par with the Hornet-class fighter it was meant to replace.[1]

Phantoms can be seen in multiple multiplayer maps, such as Airbase.



  • The text visible on the tail boom of the Phantom spells out MK-A116
  • The Phantom has features implemented of the Harrier and components inspired by the AH-64 Apache helicopter
  • The Phantom appears to be the IMC's counterpart to the Hornet that is mainly used by the Militia.
  • The Phantom is capable of carrying under-slung cargo and can be seen to in the IMC Mission on Colony. The Phantoms are seen carrying Spectre racks into battle. 


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