The Plasma Railgun fires a traveling charged pulse with high accuracy out to long range. When zoomed, the weapon's power is charged up through several stages until full power. The charge can be held indefinitely before being fired.
— In-game description.

The PR-01 Plasma Railgun[1] is a Titan electrical directed-energy railgun that appears in Titanfall and Titanfall 2. It is manufactured by Wonyeon Defense.


The Plasma Railgun fires a traveling plasma pulse with high accuracy out to long range. When zoomed, the weapon's power is charged up through several stages until reaching full power. Unlike the Charge Rifle, the charge can be held indefinitely. Zooming out will cancel charge process without firing.

  • Charging shots does not affect ammunition used per shot. Be it charged or instant shots, it will always use 1 ammo.
  • The projectile fired from this weapon is slower than one might expect. Leading shots is needed, especially at long range.
  • Even an uncharged shot will vaporize any infantry unit, including a pilot.
  • Charged shots will punch through enemy Titans, possibly dealing damage to more than one enemy.
  • While the Plasma Railgun is probably lowest "damage per second" titan weapon, it does the most damage per shot of all weapons. Paired with its ability to hit vulnerable spots for double damage, the Railgun is best used at range and, preferably, for supporting other Titans or surprise attacks on unsuspecting and weakened enemies.
  • Auto-Titans will charge 3 stages when firing, always dealing 1500 damage.
  • It takes 2.5 seconds to reach full charge, 0 seconds for the first stage, 0.5 seconds per stage after that.

Strategies Edit

The Railgun is best used on large open maps where its high damage (when charged) coupled with its extremely fast projectile can be used to a Pilots advantage. This can be best used in conjunction with the Stryder with instant shot, which favours high mobility and a hit and run game style where the standard Railgun is less effective, due to its low damage per uncharged shot, which is be mitigated with the Instant Shot mod, if used with the Ogre it is better to equip the factory issue or preferable extended magazine if the player has it unlocked, because although the Ogre is very slow it can take plenty of damage to its shields and armor before needing to take cover or becoming "doomed" allowing it to charge and sustain its fire on a single target. The Particle Wall is extremely useful, as you can charge up a shot without taking significant damage while staying behind it. Despite dealing the most damage per maximum charged shot of any Titan weapon, the Railgun is a poor choice against Pilots, as it is difficult to hit a Pilot. it is recommended to take salvo rockets or a cluster rocket alongside the railgun to kill or deter pilots and assist in killing titans.

Mods Edit

Titanfall 2 Edit

Sniper railgun that charges up while zoomed. Hold [ADS] to charge.
— In-game description
The Plasma Railgun returns in Titanfall 2, largely unchanged in function. However, this time, it has a variable zoom (Akin to the sniper rifle of the Halo series), and can zoom in both long and medium ranges. This allows the railgun to be more versatile in the hands of Northstar.

Gallery Edit

References Edit

  1. Identified by a marking on the weapon's model in Titanfall 2, made in the same style as the R-101, R-201, D-101 and other markings for those respective weapons. This marking is difficult to see with the default skin, so viewing with lighter skins such as Stoic Gold or Light is recommended.

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