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The factory issue Quad Rocket launcher fires four rockets at once in its primary firing mode. In alternate fire mode, it fires slow moving swirls of rockets that are effective at temporarily denying territory to the enemy.
— In-game description.

The Quad Rocket, formerly called the Titan Rocket Launcher, is a Titan rocket launcher that appears in Titanfall.


The Quad Rocket is a weapon that fires a tight-knit cluster of 4 rockets at the target, exploding upon impact.

The weapon is best used against enemy titans, having limited effectiveness against mobile pilots.  However against groups of lesser enemies the launcher becomes more effective than against single enemy pilots.


Perhaps the greatest strength of the default Quad Rocket is its ability to deal high splash damage. Its big blast radius often means that you can fire indirectly at the ground near the legs of enemy Titans and still deal comparable (if not equal) damage that a direct hit could attain. Because of its low magazine count, extended magazines should be chosen. While rapid fire will give you more rockets per magazine overall, this significantly decreases the splash damage of the Quad Rocket, removing its key strength. The Stryder or Atlas titan chassis are the best with this weapon, the former allowing a hit and run strategy, deal significant damage and then retreating while you reload before the enemy titan has time to respond. The latter allowing a more aggressive tactic while still giving you flexibility.




  • On 4/10/2014, the Quad Rocket received a buff, increasing its magazine size by one (two with Rapid Fire), as well as an increase to its damage against Titan shields.
  • In Titanfall 2, the Quad Rocket's ammo is measured in individual rockets instead of four-shot burts, so firing one burst depleted the ammunition by 4, resulting in five shots before reloading, similarly to Titanfall
  • In Titanfall 2 the Quad Rocket fires singular rockets (similar to the rapid-fire attachment in Titanfall) as it's secondary fire instead of the slow-moving tornado effect that it possessed in Titanfall

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