The R-101C is a fully automatic, compact assault weapon commonly used throughout the Frontier.
— In-game description.

The R-101C (Compact) Carbine is a Pilot anti-personnel fully automatic carbine manufactured by Lastimosa Armory. The R-101C was the replacement for the older G2A4 Battle Rifle in the hands of the IMC,[1] soon becoming the standard rifle used across the Frontier. Eventually, the rifle would breed two similar weapon systems based off the design - the R-201 Assault Rifle[2] and the D-101 Longbow DMR.[3] By the time of Titanfall 2, the R-101 appears to have been almost completely phased out in favour of the newer R-201.

Design Edit

The R-101C Carbine is a fully automatic compact assault rifle built with an extendable frame specifically for Titan pilots. The carbine is depicted to fire 8.19mm rounds with tungsten penetrators in a copper-jacket and a polymer cartridge. The frame is partially collapsible for easier storage while in the confines of a Titan or wallrunning.

The weapon is also compatible with a number of attachments and modifications, especially a wide variety of optics. These include the AOG, HCOG, HCOG Ranger, Holosight, Threat Scope, Suppressor, Extended Magazine and the default Iron Sights.

Extremely versatile and user-friendly, the R-101C Carbine is the workhorse assault rifle of the Frontier. The weapon is most effective at mid-range, but is still somewhat competitive at close and long ranges, meaning the weapon fits any play style whether aggressive or defensive. Although the weapon has generous usability and adaptability to any combat scenario, it is inferior to Pilot weapons specifically built for close and long range combat. Despite these drawbacks, no Pilot weapon boasts better versatility than the R-101C Carbine, making it the perfect weapon for entry level Pilots and experienced alike.

Strengths Edit

  • Highly versatile.
  • Large ammunition reserve.
  • Ultimate mid-range weapon.


  • Outclassed at short range by shotguns and submachine guns.
  • Outclassed at long range by other rifles.
  • 24 round magazine empties quickly if not used properly.


R101 Icon
For more detailed gameplay information on the R-101C Carbine, see the gameplay article here.

Titanfall Edit

The R-101C is the default primary weapon available to all new Titanfall players, available in the Rifleman loadout by default. It is a well-rounded weapon, suitable for almost any situation.

Weapon AttachmentsEdit

Image Name Description Unlock
Iron sights
Iron Sights
Factory issue gunsights are cheap and reliable, but visibility through them can be somewhat limited. Default Weapon Sight
The Holographic Combat Optical Gunsight has an open sight picture, making it easier to acquire and track targets, particularly in the vertical. The gunsight is fixed at 1.85X magnification, and includes integrated ammunition readouts. The Expendables (II) Challenge: Kill 25 Grunts
The Expendables (III) Challenge: Kill 50 Grunts
The AOG, or Advanced Optical Gunsight, is fixed at 2.4X magnification, and includes an integrated "current magazine capacity" readout with a backup numerical display. The AOG is ideal for combat at extended range. If It Moves... (III) Challenge: Kill 50 Enemies

Weapon ModsEdit

Image Name Description Unlock
Extended magazine
Extended Magazine
This mod increases the ammo capacity of the weapon, making it so that you don’t have to reload as often. Machine War (II) Challenge: Kill 25 Spectres
Mod suppressor
This mod reduces the firing noise and muzzle flash of the weapon, making it ideal for taking your enemies by surprise. If It Moves... (II) Challenge: Kill 25 Enemies

Challenges Edit

Reaching any Tier of any challenge will grant one Amped R-101C Burn Card

Titanfall 2 Edit

TF2 R101C Carbine
Factory issue scoped predecessor of the R-201 rifle.
Titanfall 2 description

The R-101 returns in Titanfall 2's Colony Reborn update. Although it has a different aesthetic, it is functionally identical to the R-201 Assault Rifle. It's only major difference is that its default Irondot Sight has been replaced with an AOG scope. It otherwise is identical to the R201. The Quality Assured banner can be unlocked by getting the R-101 to Generations 2.9 (Standard), 3.9 (FIRE) and 4.9 (GOLD). Getting the carbine to level 20 will unlock the Symbiote Patch.

Weapon Mods Edit

Image Name Description Unlock
Extra Ammo
Increased ammo capacity.
R-101 Level 2
Shoot while sprinting.
R-101 Level 4
Faster reload.
R-101 Level 5
Gun Ready
Fast transition into aiming down the sights.
R-101 Level 7
Quick Swap
Faster transition when switching to this weapon.
R-101 Level 8
Pilot kills increase Tactical availability (Faster cooldown).
R-101 Level 9

Weapon Attachments Edit

Image Name Description Unlock
Factory Issue
Stock sights. (Note: The stock sights are not Irondot Sights, it is an AOG Scope)
R-101 Level 1
Open holographic combat optical gunsight.
R-101 Level 3
HCOG Ranger
Enhanced zoom scope.
R-101 Level 6
Threat Scope
Makes enemies easy to spot by applying an AR overlay to them. Warning: Disables extra mod slot.
R-101 Level 10
Pro Screen
Attachment that displays lifetime weapon XP count for the weapon.
R-101 Regeneration


  • Originally, it was envisioned by the designers as a completely customizable and modular weapon, before they dialed the modularity back and made it into a simple assault rifle. Elements of this modularity can still be felt in the similar designs of the R-97 Compact SMG, C.A.R SMG, and the Longbow-DMR Sniper.
  • The R-101C was originally known as the RSPN-101, short for Respawn, which is a reference to Titanfall's developer Respawn Entertainment. The rear iron sight of the weapon bears the Respawn logo.
  • Like many weapons in the game, the R-101 has been nerfed in the fourth update of Titanfall. It is now harder to hit targets at long distances and it's magazines size has been reduced from 30 to 24.
  • At the start of the carbine's "deploy" animation, the gun's stock, handguard, and barrel are compacted and close to the gun's receiver until they are extended. It is easier to see this phase in slow-motion, due to the rapid deploy time. A similar animation is employed in Titanfall 2's V-47 Flatline.

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References Edit

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