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"The IMC should thank me for perfecting the Reaper, maybe I should renegotiate my contract" -Ash

A Reaper (note the stalker head)

Reapers are robots introduced in Titanfall 2. They were created by the IMC and first encountered by the Frontier Militia on Typhon. Reapers represent a middle-ground between the human-sized Spectres and Stalkers, and the massive Titans, but are fully automated. Agile and relentless, Reapers are anti-Titan units armed with rapid-fire rocket launchers that can quickly wear down a Titan's armor, but scatter over long distances. Reapers are also capable of leaping up great heights and attacking enemies in melee range with powerful ground strikes. Destroying a Reaper is relatively simple when using a Titan, but Pilots may struggle to break through their armor and risk drawing their attention. Reapers are able to rapid fire ticks into the air if left alone for to long making them a destraction to pilots if not in a Titan. Reapers are vulnerable in their waist servos and "hunchback" and can explode if not destroyed by a Titan making them potentially lethal for pilots and other units standing nearby.

Reapers are also encountered in Attrition and Bounty Hunt, appearing in the later part of matches.

The Reaper Model.

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