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Redeye in The Refueling Raid

This massive ship was referred to as 'The Brick' because of the shape it required to fit within the level layout. Inspiration came from the NASA Space Shuttle Crawler Transporter due to its box-shaped design. This ship was originally supposed to be an actual map, having interior hallways that branched out onto the roof of the ship. Eventually the map was removed, but the game still has a low polygonal version of the Redeye in the distance, as a little tribute.
— Michael Altamirano
The Redeye is a Frontier Militia vehicular spacecraft in Titanfall. The Redeye is the flagship of the Militia's 1st Fleet. While refueling at an IMC gas extraction facility during the campaign mission "The Refueling Raid," it is damaged by the facility's heavy defense turrets. If the Militia loses the mission the Redeye is destroyed, but if the Militia is victorious it survives to escape with the rest of the Militia fleet.