Regeneration is a gameplay mechanic where the player can reset his rank once he has reached the maximum level of 50 in Titanfall. There are 9 levels of Regeneration. Regeneration is also in Titanfall 2, but differs largely in some cases.


When a player reaches level 50 and completes the required challenges, the player will be able to regenerate. Doing this will reset all of their weapons, challenges, etc. The Player will keep their Burn Cards, Titan Chassis', Credits, access to the Black Market, Titan Insignias, and Burn Card Slots. This will also multiply experience points earned by the Player, depending on Regeneration level.

Note that you cannot go to the next level of regeneration without completing the prerequisite regeneration challenges for the next generation (only for the first game, Titanfall), and that prerequisite regeneration challenges can be finished before reaching level 50.

Headline text Edit

Warning! You will lose all that you have unlocked and be reset to level 1. All challenges will be reset. However, you will earn XP at an accelerated rate of [XP RATE] as a [NEXT GEN NUMERIC] gen Pilot. You will retain your Burn Card collection, and the Ogre and Stryder Titans if you unlocked them. You will get a unique chip indicating to others your Gen status.

Years of battle have taken their toll. We can regenerate you... at a cost.

Your body can be restored. But your memory and your experience...all will be lost.

When you awaken you will respawn a [next level] generation Pilot.

You will be better, sharper, acquiring experience even faster than before.
— Text when the player is able to commence Regeneration

Titanfall 2 Edit

RegenCards T2

The new redesigns of the Regen Cards for Titanfall 2

RegenCards T2 GenX
Years of battle have taken their toll. We can regenerate you... at a cost.

Your body can be restored, but much of your memory and experience will be lost. These you will have to earn all over again in battle. When you awaken, you will respawn as a next generation Pilot.

Would you like to go to the next gen?
— An Advocate

The only main difference between regenerating in Titanfall and in Titanfall 2 is that in the second game there are NO prereqesuite challenges, weapons and other pilot non-cosmetic items already bought using credits will always be unlocked, weapons will always keep their level, and the same goes for Titans. All cosmetic (e.g. camos, banners, etc.) items are always kept. Please note that there is no Black Market, Burn Cards (and slots), and Chassises (replaced paid Prime Titans) in Titanfall 2.

It is optional to regenerate, but if players accept it then they earn a patch that signifies that they are generation X.

As of A Glitch in the Frontier, players are now able to reach Generation 100, and will have a special rank chip shown on their Callsign for every tenth generation they progress (Seen left)

Experience ModifiersEdit

Generation XP Modifier
Generation 1 x 1.0
Generation 2 x 1.1
Generation 3 x 1.2
Generation 4 x 1.3
Generation 5 x 1.5
Generation 6 x 1.8
Generation 7 x 2.1
Generation 8 x 2.5
Generation 9 x 2.9
Generation 10 x 3.5

Burn Card Deck LimitEdit

Generation Burn Card Limit
Generation 1 46
Generation 2 52
Generation 3 58
Generation 4 64
Generation 5 70
Generation 6 76
Generation 7 82
Generation 8 88
Generation 9 94
Generation 10 100

Requirements for TitanfallEdit

Generation 1 RequirementsEdit

. to go from generation 1 to generation 2 you just need to be level 50( found out by playing the game)

Generation 2 RequirementsEdit

Generation 3 RequirementsEdit

Generation 4 RequirementsEdit

Generation 5 RequirementsEdit

Generation 6 RequirementsEdit

Generation 7 RequirementsEdit

Generation 8 RequirementsEdit

Generation 9 RequirementsEdit

Generation 10Edit

  • None
  • Get to Level 50 for achievement on consoles, No achievement for pc.

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